Lost Car Title? Here’s What You Will Need To Know

You may have all intentions to keep up with important documents like a car title, but sometimes things like this get lost, damaged, or just simply misplaced. Owning a car that you do not have a title to may seem like no big deal. However, if you decide to sell your vehicle, turn it over to a scrapyard, or even put a lien on it, not having the title to your car can be a big hassle. Here are a few of the biggest questions you probably have about a lost car title and the answers you really should know.

Can you still sell your vehicle if you have a lost title?

In order to sell your vehicle, you will have to obtain a replacement title or at least a copy of your existing title. Even though you could technically sell your vehicle to another individual without a title, the transaction would not be legally recognized and the new owner would have issues with things like obtaining insurance or renewing tags. Additionally, most prospective car buyers will not be interested in buying a car that has no title, because of fears the car may be stolen or not yours.

What do you have to do in order to get a new car title?

Obtaining a replacement car title is a process that varies from state to state. For example, in the state of Illinois, you will need to fill out an application for a duplicate title and submit it through the mail or in person at the Secretary of State Vehicle Services Department, along with a $95 duplicate title fee. The application for a title copy will require you to provide information about the vehicle, such as its VIN umber, identifying characteristics, and the names of any lien holders.

Once you apply for a copy of your car title, how long will it take to get one?

You can get a replacement car title in as little as four days, but it does depend on where you live and the state's process for the replacement. If you need your title faster than what your state offers normally in order to make a sale or otherwise, your state may have an expedited title-obtaining process that will allow you to get your car title sooner. If your state does offer an expedited process to obtain your replacement title, be aware that you will likely have to pay an extra fee in addition to the replacement title fee you will already have to pay.

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