Beware Of Counterfeit Auto Parts When Getting Collision Work Done

Auto collision repair work sometimes comes with high costs. Vehicle owners wisely look for reliable ways to save money on a repair job. A common strategy is to buy parts online and then simply pay a mechanic for labor alone. The plan is a good one provided the most reliable parts are the ones being sought and purchased. Consumers do have to be wary of illegal imported counterfeit auto parts that are flooding the United States market. Due to poor construction and materials, these cheap parts could critically fail at the worst possible time and cause a disastrous accident. Consumers should follow a few steps to avoid buying low-grade parts and also to make sure any acquired parts are legitimate and safe.

Perform the Right Online Buying Strategy

With the specter of counterfeit parts raised, buyer should not be in too much of a rush to buy discounted parts. Take the following advice when opting to purchase online:

  • Buy from Established Sellers

Sellers known for providing parts to satisfied customers for many years and have numerous positive online reviews are not likely to be dealing in counterfeit parts. Conduct a bit of research into the seller to make sure the business is known for selling either legitimate factory parts or properly examined used ones.

  • Perform Price Comparisons

Always look at the sale price on the parts in comparison to what they are going for on average. New parts may be sold at a discount, but the discount should be a reasonable one. Massive discounts are possible with overstocked items but, when an entire inventory has incredibly low prices, something may be amiss.

Adhering to these steps might drastically cut down on the chances of procuring fake parts. Still, extra care should be taken after buying the parts to make sure they are legitimate.

Ask the Mechanic to Perform a Parts Inspection

No matter how careful a buyer is or how legitimate the seller tries to be, counterfeit parts may sneak through. A skilled mechanic is sure to pick up on flaws present on counterfeit parts. Tell the mechanic to look for any defects or warning signs. This way, the mechanic can determine the validity of the part being installed.

Follow the Mechanic's Advice

If the mechanic says the parts are dubious, don't use them. Allow the collision repair shop to order the appropriate parts. Doing so decreases the chances of a terrible mishap due to driving with unsafe parts.

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