Three Tips To Avoid Common Tire Problems

Well-maintained tires are essential for allowing your car to efficiently and smoothly drive. However, there are many car owners that are poorly informed about the maintenance needs of their tires. As a result, they may make some oversights that can cause them to be more likely to encounter fairly routine issues. If you use the following few tips, you will find that you are far better prepared to avoid some common tire problems.

Avoid Replacing One Tire At A Time

Eventually, your tires will suffer enough wear and tear or damages to need to be replaced at a shop like Euro-Tire. Whether this is due to gradual wear and tear or a puncture, it is important for you to appreciate the fact that you should avoid replacing one tire at a time. Rather, you will want to make sure to change your tires in pairs. For example, if one of the front tires of the vehicle suffers damage, you will want to make sure to change both of the front tires.

This may seem unnecessary, but over the course of time, the tires will suffer wear and tear. When a new tire is installed, it will not have this wear, which can cause stability and control issues if it is paired with a tire that is worn.

Have Your Tires Rotated Each Oil Change

Depending on the design of your car, the road conditions and the way that you drive, your tires will not wear evenly. This can cause some of your tires to become more worn than others, which can lead to them needing to be prematurely replaced. To minimize this type of problem, you will want to rotate your tires at each oil change. When they are rotated, the tires on the front and back wheels are swapped. This will help to ensure that all four of your tires wear more evenly, which can help keep riding in your car a smooth experience while also extending the life of your tires.

Always Keep A Full Tire As A Spare

Eventually, you will be unfortunate enough to experience a flat tire. While it is common for drivers to keep a spare donut in the trunk, donut tires are not meant for extensive driving. Rather, they are designed to allow your car to travel a short distance to a repair shop. For those that spend a lot of time driving in rural areas that are far from repair facilities, these tires may not last the long drive back to the city. To help ensure that a flat tire does not cause you to be stranded, you should replace your vehicle's spare donut with a full tire. While buying a full tire as a spare may be more expensive, this can prove to be more than worthwhile in the event you experience a flat when you are far from a repair facility.