How To Safely And Securely Transport A Car On A Car Hauler

To safely and securely transport a car to another location, you can rent a car hauler to do the job. Car haulers come in many different forms. Some car haulers are open while others are enclosed. Some car haulers can transport more than one car while others are single car haulers. Whatever car hauler you choose to rent, here are some things you should do to ensure success:

  • Set The Transmission and Handbrake - After driving a car onto the rented car hauler, set the transmission of your vehicle in the park position. Also, set the hand brake so that the car that you are towing cannot move. If possible, use a car blocking wedge under one or two of the tires of the car that you are hauling as an extra precaution to make sure your towed vehicle does not roll off the car hauler.  
  • Use Proper Tie-Down Straps - Only use the tie-down straps that are provided with the car hauler that you rent. Any other tie-down straps may not be appropriate for the weight and attachment rails on the rented car hauler. Once you attach the tie-down straps to the front and rear axles of the car, you are transporting and the rails on the car hauler, use the ratchet mechanisms on each tie-down strap to tighten the straps and immobilize the car. 
  • Use Safety Chains - Hook up the safety chains that are provided with the rented car hauler by attaching them from the car hauler to the loops on the receiver hitch or the chassis of your tow vehicle. Make sure that the safety chains are not stretched too tightly and are also not loosely hanging towards the ground. Allow the safety chains to be loose enough to be flexible when traveling over any uneven terrain.    
  • Make Sure Trailer Lights are Functioning Correctly - Before driving your vehicle and towing a car hauler, make sure that the brake lights on the car hauler are working correctly. It is best to have a helper sit in your vehicle and apply their foot onto the tow vehicle's brakes while you are in the back of the vehicle and can verify that the lights are functioning properly.  
  • Drive Slowly and Safely - While you are towing a fully loaded car hauler with your vehicle, drive slowly and cautiously. Drive within the posted speed limit even while on the freeway or highway. Make sure that you check and recheck each new road that you cross or enter as you will not be able to stop as quickly as you can when you are not towing a loaded car hauler. Turn slowly and watch for other motorists while you drive.

Once you are at your desired destination, unhook the tie-downs, chains, and the towed car and back it off the car hauler. Secure all of the tie-downs and chains within the car hauler and return it to the rental facility. With some preparations and precautions, you can safely and securely transport a car on a rented car hauler. For more info, contact a company like Route 12 Rental Co Inc.