Four Other Auto Problems Caused By Improper Alignment

Improper alignment on your car's tires is annoying, to be sure. However, it can also lead to several other issues with your vehicle that can actually become fairly serious if left alone to fester. If your car's wheel alignment is off, you should have it adjusted immediately. A study based on prices across the country shows that the price of an alignment for most vehicles at major big-box tire stores averages between $50 and $180 for passenger cars, depending on the length of the tire warranty you choose. For trucks, the cost is slightly higher for an alignment, but the highest average cost is less than $300. On the other hand, a set of new tires will cost around $600 for a car, and $900 for a truck. Still not convinced? Leave your vehicle's improper tire alignment alone and let the problem grow, and you could also find yourself dealing with the following problems.

Steering Issues 

Your alignment can cause serious issues with your vehicle's steering. Your wheels can pull to one side, or there can be an irritating vibration in your vehicle's steering wheel that can actually cause an accident. 

Suspension Problems

Your car's tire alignment can have a major impact on the vehicle's suspension - especially the suspension components on the vehicle. The cost to replace front struts on a passenger car averages between $315 and $510. You can visit this website to get a more detailed estimate based on your location and your vehicle's year, make and model. Remember, these are just estimates and averages. For the most accurate information, you can give your local suspension shop a call.

Tire Wear

Improper alignment can be caused by tires that are inflated improperly, damage to a wheel or tire or an impact with an object. Misaligned tires do not wear evenly, and this can cause a tire blowout, or force you to replace your tires much earlier than you planned.

Poor Fuel Economy

Gas prices are a major concern for many drivers. If your alignment is off and your car pulls to one side or the other, your fuel mileage is going to be negatively impacted. You can purchase gas more often and use more than you budgeted, or you can spend a little bit of money and get the problem corrected.

Over the life of your car, allowing your tires to be improperly aligned will cost you much more money on maintenance and repair for the entire car than you would spend to fix the alignment. You owe it to yourself and your vehicle to keep your tires properly inflated and aligned, so you'll stay safe when you travel.